A view from my home just after sunset

About Me

I am a retired engineer. I spent a lot of my working life making press tools and components for industry. Now I am retired I am still self employed and make tools and components for people and companies. I am married to a magical lady and we have lived together for over 38 years and have been married for 14 years. I wanted to do something different for her to show that I appreciate her and I know that she has a lot of 'chunky' rings so I know that I have always been quite good at making things so I when to the internet, as you do, and searched for hand made jewelry. First came across people making Bentwood rings and this fascinated me and I had a go at making one. Thinking that this will be easy for me compared to some of the complex press tools I have made in the past. What a surprise I got. The guys that I saw on You Tube did not have a lot of fancy equipment but they still made some stunning rings. I had many go's trying to make a ring and finally made one for her. It was not as good as the ones I saw on the net but she was very pleased. While on the net I found rings made of Damascus Steel. These rings were stunning and after some research I found some Damascus steel that would be suitable to make rings. I obtained some material from a distributor in the UK for a Swedish company Damasteel. I made the ring in the pictures below for my wife. Damasteel's material is beautiful and rewarding to work with as you can see.