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About the Remembrance Ring I will make for you;-

I make these rings from a solid bar of stainless steel and a small amount of the cremation ashes that you have sent to me to be inlaid into your remembrance ring. A teaspoon of the cremation ashes of a pet or loved one in a small sealed plastic bag is enough for me to make the ring for you. I will treat your cremation ashes you send me with the upmost respect and any ashes left over will be returned to you along with your ring.
You will be able to see the actual ashes through the clear coating as you can see in the photos below.
If you do not want to see the ashes please let me know. No two rings will look the same. They are made by hand and the ashes will look different in each ring. The ring size is in UK standard ring sizes (G to Z+6). The width of the plain rings, with no other inlays, can be 3mm to 8mm wide and the rings with 2 inlays are 7mm to 8mm wide but please just ask me what you would like and I will try to see if is possible to make it for you. Any additional work may entail a price change but you will be told before you order and pay.
From the receipt of your ashes I would need 5 to 10 working days to make the ring before it is ready for shipping.
Please send your ashes by Royal Mail recorded delivery to the address that you will find on the 'Thank You' page that will be displayed after you have pressed the 'submitted' button at the bottom of the enquiry form. I suggest you print the 'Thank you' page as you will not be able to go back to it later unless you submit a new enquiry. My contact details will also be in my emailed reply to you.

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